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The SAP HANA Readiness and Migration tool

Gekkobrain is the custom code adaptation tool for SAP customers needing to migrate to SAP HANA.

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Code fixing at the touch of a button

Significant time and budget savings

Intuitive user-friendly UI

Why do you need Gekkobrain?

You can't migrate to SAP HANA without ensuring your codebase is HANA-compatible. Our software makes this simple by automatically fixing up to 90% of your mandatory code-issues.

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Save 1000s of labour-hours with our automatic code-fixing tool. For each $ spent, you could expect to see 10x ROI.



Gekkobrain helps you adapt non-mandatory code issues to achieve optimal performance in SAP HANA.


Project Management

Gekkobrain is the all-in-one tool to help keep your HANA-readiness project on track with automatic sprint planning.

Gekkobrain for HANA-readiness

Don't just take our word for it

Take our software tour to see these benefits and more for yourself.

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  • Identifies and analyzes all issues of HANA-incompatible code
  • Automatically fixes up to 90% of mandatory code issues
  • Identifies non-mandatory code issues that impede system performance
  • Recognizes incompatible code that is no longer used and can be deleted
  • Greatly reduces time needed to get HANA-ready from months to weeks - or even just days
  • Project management tools to help adapt non-mandatory code issues
  • Highly intuitive with a user-friendly UI
  • Notifies you of newly added HANA-incompatible code
  • Provides detailed effort estimations

Trusted by

Gekkobrain is proud to serve a number of quality-conscious clients and to have successfully helped them adapt and optimize code for SAP HANA.









Dansk Supermarked Group


To help us better meet the needs of our clients, we have obtained certification from the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) – the official seal of approval from SAP. Certification demonstrates smooth integration with SAP solutions, to help you accelerate your innovations and feel secure in your investment. (read more)


Want to take the headache out of SAP HANA migration?

We’d be delighted to show you just how much time, money and effort Gekkobrain could save you.

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