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Discover DevOps for SAP

Discover Gekkobrain DevOps for SAP

We're proud to launch Gekkobrain DevOps for SAP, the latest addition to our growing product suite of cloud tools to improve ABAP quality. Gekkobrain DevOps will improve the performance of your SAP systems and ensure ABAP custom code performance is optimized.

DevOps for SAP is the product of numerous analytic and performance improvement projects, extensive research into SAP data sources and years of studying how changes to custom code affect the run-time environment.

In short, we spent a long time mastering how to test ABAP code in great detail and at deep levels, to see how it actually runs in the productive environment.

The result was a mix of static and dynamic checks that provide tech teams and leadership with actionable advice on where to focus in order to improve SAP performance.

Discover our DevOps for SAP tool to develop and change existing applications  with a full understanding of how it behaves in production

Why is the Quality of ABAP Code often low?

Most SAP systems have been around for years and any number of developers of differing skill have been employed to develop code for it. Of course, this means that some code is good, whereas some code (often a lot) is bad.

And this bad code will have a negative impact on performance and sometimes this can impede critical transactions in SAP.

A great example of this can be seen below, in a screen from our Gekkobrain DevOps for SAP tool. It shows that since 2006 one of our clients has had more than 330 different developers working on their system, making over 5,500 different transports.

330 developers, 5,500 transports, infinite opportunity for mistakes!

Imagine that: More than 5,500 different transports by more than 330 different developers over 13 years! Quite some potential for problems! 

Why DevOps?

The thinking behind DevOps is to unify development and operations by giving the developer run-time information early on in the development stage.

This means that the second a developer takes out a change request on an object, all necessary production data will show up in the developer dashboard:

  • How many times has this object been transported?
  • How is it performing (times, database load, dumps etc)?
  • How complex is the code?

This enables the developer to edit the code on an informed basis.

Closer to the operations side, the technical lead can see which code items are relevant as an improvement candidate. Essentially, it identifies any code that under-performs for certain users or user groups.

What DevOps for SAP delivers is actionable advice for management so they don't have to wade through tons of screens, graphs and diagrams. In short, we figure out what's important, how it can be fixed and explain it to the people who hold the purse strings.

What to expect from Gekkobrain DevOps for SAP?

Firstly, DevOps for SAP helps you improve performance in your SAP systems by identifying code items that can be optimized.  It also helps you speed up your systems by highlighting unused code and deteriorated refactor code that can be decommissioned - trimming the fat from your SAP environments.

Perhaps most importantly, your development and operations will be much more agile and you'll be empowered to release new code quicker based on continuous improvement.

In short, the peaks (where SAP systems slow down or dumps because of bad code) will disappear and your system will stay clean, optimized and compliant with SAP HANA.


If you'd like to find out more about our new DevOps for SAP software or book a free demo, simply get in touch today

DevOps for SAP


Joe Strand

Joe Strand

SAP coder with 15+ years experience. Dedicated to making the life easier for SAP coders with cloud tools.