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We Join forces with Copenhagen University on AI for our SAP tools

As we have mentioned earlier, we're very interested in finding out, what AI can do for our clients:

  • How can we leverage AI to extend the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) elements of our tools?
  • How can AI improve the portion of automatic ABAP code fixes, we offer?
  • How can we use AI to add more capabilities to our software for Suite on HANA migrations?
  • How can we use AI to extend the capabilities of DevOps for SAP?
  • How can we implement AI algorithms to improve our early predictions of potential performance problems in SAP?

Well - to find out, we will collaborate with Department of Computer Science at Copenhagen University, where we take on a Ph.d. student to find the answers and to improve our software.

We will keep you posted on the progress here on our blog from around February 1st, when we embark on this exciting new AI adventure. So stay tuned!


Jens @ Gekkobrain

Jens @ Gekkobrain

Jens is the CEO of Gekkobrain and co-founder.