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Substantially Improve SAP Performance with our new FREE tool!


Gekkobrain was built to help organisations clean up their systems in preparation for the switch to SAP HANA – resulting in “cleaned” ABAP code performing better in native SAP systems. This side-effect offered little value to clients upgrading to HANA, but it got us wondering how SAP’s legacy users could benefit – this led to the development of our free Code Performance Analyzer.

Few people take the time to think about how the transformation their IT systems undertake over the course of a lifecycle. Years pass. Developers come and go. Programmes become obsolete and are replaced. Code that was once neat, tidy, and written-for-purpose, soon becomes a sprawling mess of workarounds, cut corners and palliative fixes.  

We saw many similar systems in our time managing SAP HANA migrations and soon realised SAP’s legacy users must be in the same boat. Bloated by unnecessary, ineffective and inefficient ABAP code, it was impossible these systems were performing optimally.

Discover how to substantially increase SAP performance with our FREE Code  Performance Analyzer

Through previous Gekkobrain projects, we knew carefully adapting unsuitable ABAP code (for example, heavy database calls) can substantially increase the performance of SAP systems. We immediately began tweaking our Gekkobrain tool to create a version solely for legacy SAP users – our Code Performance Analyzer.

Unlike our other tools which are designed to get systems HANA-ready, the Gekkobrain Code Performance Analyzer is built specifically to identify ABAP code that can be adapted to dramatically improve the performance of existing SAP releases. And, unlike our other tools, we decided to make our Code Performance Analyzer absolutely free.

Who can use the Code Performance Analyzer?

The Gekkobrain Code Performance Analyzer is available to all SAP customers, runs on all SAP databases, and is absolutely free.

Why is it free?

We think the quality of our tools speaks for itself and believe the best way to showcase their value is to let you experience them first-hand.

When it’s time for your organisation to upgrade to SAP HANA, we hope you’ll be suitably impressed with Gekkobrain and use our paid tools to help you manage the migration project.

How does the Code Performance Analyzer work?

Step 1. Analyze the performance of your ABAP code

Firstly, the Code Performance Analyzer measures the quality and performance of your codebase, taking into account:

  • Whether code is developed after best practice
  • Whether database calls are made as efficiently as possible
  • Whether programs are difficult to maintain

Step 2. Identify inefficient and unnecessary code issues

On your Code Performance Analyzer dashboard you’ll be shown an overview of what the analysis discovered, broken down into three categories:

  • The number of frequently used code items which can be adapted to increase performance
  • The number of rarely used code items which can be adapted to increase performance
  • The number of code items which are candidates for decommissioning

Step 3. Highlight ABAP code that can be safely decommissioned

It’s a little-known fact that around 60% of a system’s ABAP code is no longer used in the productive environment.

The Code Performance Analyzer will identify any obsolete code and let you know if it can be safely deleted, with no negative effect on your systems.

Step 4. Recommend which ABAP code can be optimized for better performance

In the Code Performance Analyzer you’ll find a list of ABAP code items which can safely be adapted to ensure higher-levels of performance in your SAP systems.

In addition, you’ll find detailed information on every code item identified as requiring optimisation, including:

  • The fix required
  • How it can be fixed
  • The time required for the fix
  • Usage data
  • Priority level

Step 5. Monitor newly written code to ensure continuous improvement

Once you’ve got the Code Performance Analyzer up and running, it tracks any new instances of inefficient or redundant code and notifies you immediately — so you’re always getting the most from your SAP systems.

What are the benefits of using the Code Performance Analyzer?

The obvious benefit you’ll receive of using our free Code Performance Analyzer is that it presents a crystal-clear roadmap to getting the very best from your SAP systems. Simply put, you’ll understand what changes you need to make to your ABAP code to substantially boost SAP performance.

Obviously, as the Code Performance Analyzer is a free tool, this insight doesn’t cost your organisation a single penny.

It’s also a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your codebase, not just the general quality of the code you’ve been using, but how you compare to other SAP users.

When is it available?

The free Gekkobrain Code Performance Analyzer is available now to all SAP users, all you need to do is click here to arrange your free analysis.

Improve SAP performance by up to 50% with the FREE Gekkobrain Code Performance Analyzer

Mogens Enevoldsen

Mogens Enevoldsen

I have worked with SAP since 1994, primarily within ABAP custom development and Integration. I have had several different roles eg. technical director, manager, technical project lead, specialist and developer.