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Gekkobrain DevOps for SAP

Unite your Operations and SAP Development functions to enable continuous improvement in the release cycle. True SAP DevOps is possible with the actionable insight derived from our tool, developed by SAP experts.

DevOps for SAP also includes our Code Optimizer tool as standard.

Embrace DevOps for SAP Development

DevOps for SAP empowers your tech team and ensures continuous improvement via constant incremental progress.

  • Fact-based incremental improvements
  • Simultaneous static and dynamic checks
  • Correlation and analysis of SAP standard tools and data sources – both static and dynamic
  • User-friendly development dashboard

Granular performance monitoring

Detailed information allows you to focus on the true causes behind issues and pinpoints the exact implications of any changes you make in your code.

  • Root cause establishment
  • No averages – focus on individual users
  • Early detection
  • Prediction of potential problems
  • Runtime prediction of code from development phase
  • Static Checks + Dynamic Checks = Predictive Code Checks

Always actionable

Far more than just another monitor, our tool offers detailed and truly actionable, weighted advice on where to focus your efforts.

  • Integrated into ATC, ADT and CTS

Embrace continuous SAP improvement

DevOps for SAP is a subscription-based service that can revolutionize your work in SAP. Book a demo to see its potential for yourself.

See it in action