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Gekkobrain Code Optimizer
for SAP

A cluttered and complex, tangled web of code is almost inevitable if you’ve been working in SAP for any significant length of time. Our Code Optimizer analyzes and automatically fixes your custom code for optimum performance.

Code Optimizer is included within our DevOps for SAP tool.


Gekkobrain Code Optimizer analyzes your custom code for quality, as well as identifying legacy code that is no longer needed.

  • Measures the quality of your ABAP Code

  • Filters away unused code

  • Filters for impact if code is fixed


Automatic Code Fixing

One-press fixing for an immediate improvement to the quality and smooth-running of your code.

  • Improves quality, so your ABAP runs faster
  • Works at the click of a button

Ready to Optimize your SAP Environment?

Book a demo now to see how our Code Optimizer helps you improve the quality of your ABAP code and performance of your SAP system.

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