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Gekkobrain for SAP HANA

You cannot migrate to SAP HANA until you’ve ensured your code is compatible. Created by SAP experts, Gekkobrain is the custom code adaptation tool for SAP HANA readiness – perfect for those customers looking to take the next step.

Custom Code Analysis

See how much code you need to address, what can be automated and what must be handled manually, and how much effort adaptation will take.

  • Filters away unused code
  • Identifies and filters for impact
  • Highlights newly-added HANA incompatible code
Custom Code Analysis
Automatic Code Fixing

Automatic Code Fixing

Automatically fix the vast majority of mandatory issues in your code, along with most non-mandatory but performance affecting issues.

  • One-click fix
  • Up to 90% of mandatory issues
  • Most performance issues

Project Management

In addition to fixing up to 90% of your mandatory code issues, we provide comprehensive task management tools to see you through the remaining manual work.

  • Assign tasks and issues to developers
  • Create sprints
  • Follow up
Project Management

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