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Identify and fix SAP HANA issues in your custom code

To migrate to SAP HANA, custom code adaptation is essential. Here’s how Gekkobrain simplifies the process and helps you stay on track every step of the way.

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Why use Gekkobrain?

Gekkobrain for SAP HANA is your one-stop custom code adaptation tool for managing HANA-readiness. It scans your source code to find, analyze, highlight, and estimate issues in custom code and modules, then helps you generate a project plan with recommended sprints, based on priority, complexity and impact, as well as SAP’s golden rules.

Tasks can be assigned to team members, and as they fix the code, Gekkobrain for SAP HANA rescans your system and keeps track of progress.

  • Sprint planning define sprints and allocate objects according to your priorities
  • Priority focus – can affectively eliminate up to 90% of objects to fix
  • Estimation list – see all issues sorted into categories for at-a-glance work estimation (comes ready populated)
  • Latest activity/issues list – ensure you don’t miss any newly-introduced HANA-readiness issues
  • Useful charts and visual aids – for at-a-glance project insight
  • SQLM integration checks objects' load on database and provides overview of transactions in order to test code fixes
  • Admins and account user filters – access the correct information for your project role
  • Multiple system-support – each with its own dashboard
  • Coming Soon - different project types

Inside Gekkobrain

Overview dashboard

At a glance, see how many Priority 1/2/3 issues you have, along with an effort calculation, in days, for each.

Helpful reports give a visual view and further insight into the number and nature of your issues.

Object status

Gain further insight to help you prioritize and tackle your custom code issues for your business.

See what percentage is: not yet started, in analysis, in progress, ready for testing, and completed, in addition to how much is “dead code” and therefore does not need fixing.

Effort per priority/usage

See what proportion of each issue type are high, medium, or low usage (based on UPL or runtime usage).

For priority 1 issues, this can help you decide which items to fix first, as well as indicating which of the lower priority items should be tackled straight away.


A different view of your objects can assist in deciding where to direct your focus, and when.

Here all issues, divided by development class, are plotted by number of programs and effort and sorted in terms of their complexity / impact ratio.

Burndown chart

An automatically updated view of your deadlines and how much time remains until you are HANA ready, based on your current progress. See how your planned effort compares to the actual effort required and whether you are working to schedule.

Individual charts showing progress for issues by priority are also included.

Object List

Your comprehensive list of all objects with issues.

See priority and usage, based on UPL or runtime usage. Check which team members have been assigned to which issues. How many issues affect each object is calculated per priority level and effort. Filter by Status, Assignee, DevClass, Usage, Priority, or Sprint.

Select an object to amend the details – assign team member or edit the status or usage – and see a full list of every issue the object has.

Issue List

Gain an overview of all the issues within your code: their development class, assignee, and exactly which objects – and how many – each affect. This is particularly useful when multiple objects have the same issues, and will help you understand the types of code-correction activities you need to perform.

Select an issue to find the underlying objects affected.

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