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Watch the webinar - How to clean up ABAP code for SAP HANA

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In this webinar you will learn how to find, prioritize and fix ABAP issues ready for SAP HANA migration.

We explore ABAP code and show you examples of mandatory and performance related fixes, demonstrating how to implement them.

Our expert speakers: 

  • Mogens Enevoldsen, CTO, Gekkobrain, 20 years ABAP experience
    • Mogens Enevoldsen has worked with SAP since 1994, primarily within ABAP custom development and Integration. He has had several different roles including, technical director, manager, technical project lead, specialist and developer.
  • Steffen Høegh, Senior Developer, Gekkobrain, 11 years ABAP experience
    • Steffen Høegh has worked with SAP since 2000. He specializes SAP HANA ABAP and SAP HANA remediation as well as custom ABAP performance optimization.

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Watch the webinar